Friday, July 28, 2006

More Bond Villain Bases

Japan must be a hotbed of super villian activity. Here's some more great shots from "Underground Japan." I would love to go shoot these things one day.

We do not tolerate failure number 3.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Small Design Touches Count

Ever since Target began to focus on design and bringing it to the general public, I've noticed lots of little design touches from other industries. Over the past two weekends we've stayed at two different hotels and I've noticed design seeping into the most interesting of places. Shampoo bottles. The little complementary bottles that you get in every hotel room have had cleanly designed labels and interesting bottle shapes. I just thought it was interesting. Sure the shampoo inside is probably the same cheap stuff it's always been, but you just feel like you're getting something nicer.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Superman Returns

I finally took my 6-year-old son to see Superman Returns this last week. I won't get into a full review, but it was pretty great. My only complaint was it was a little on the long side at 2.5 hours. Bryan Singer did a fantastic job. He seems to be the go-to guy along with Sam Raimi to guarantee a great super hero movie.

Many people complained about Brandon Routhe as the choice for Superman/Clark Kent. He was the perfect choice. Sure he was just a model before this, but it turns out, he can act. He is Superman as much as Christpher Reeves was back in the day.

Go see this movie.

"It all comes down to hot dog management at this point."

Flipping through the channels last night I came across what I think was titled the "Major League Hot Dog Eating Contest." I was enjoying some Arby's at the time and let me tell you, this is not something you need to watch while eating. I actually wanted to throw up for these guys. Especially the winners who ate 53.75 and 52 hot dogs repsectively. It was probably the worst thing I've ever seen on TV. And that includes the show on Discovery about hiddeous wounds that wouldn't close up.

The best part was the announcers in the background giving a play-by-play. My favorite line was something like "Well, were in the last four minutes now, and it all comes down to hot dog management at this point." They act like this was a real sport, talking about strategy and technique. You shove hot dogs down your throat. Where's the strategy in that.

Maybe it is a sport. Maybe I just don't get it. However, it does make ESPN 2 look at lot more like ESPN 8 from the movie "Dodgeball." "The Ocho. If it's almost a sport ... we cover it."