Thursday, June 08, 2006

Design does make a difference

More great thoughts from Mr. Rice on some recent studies.

While these studies talk more about the design of specific products, I think it also applies to the design of your business' image and branding. More and more, people are noticing great design. I think Target's focus on design over the past few years has done amazing things not only for the brand, but for sales as well. When people walk into your store, they need to see a consistency of design that makes them feel good about doing business with you. The design of POP needs to match the design of your advertising which matches the design of your employees uniforms which matches the design of the sign out front which matches ... I could go on. A focus on good design shows that there is thought put into the customer's experience, not just a bunch of random crap thrown on a shelf to make money.

Not to sell ourselves, but this is where keeping a design shop on roster puts you ahead of the pack. We are focused on the experience people have with our clients. Right down to the tags on the products. Sure, we want to design the tags, and even sell you the printing. But the point is that it will help create an integrated brand for you. Not to make a few bucks printing a tag.

Wow, that did sound an awful lot like selling ourselves.

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