Monday, June 12, 2006

Things, they are a rockin'

I thought I would pull out the agency crystal ball and give you a quick glimpse into some things we are doing behind the scenes at Image. First, we are working on having our first podcast for Can We Add a Starburst?! done by the end of the month. Assuming it sounds decent (notice I didn't say good) you'll get to hear it too. We are also working on a script for a short film to be shot in the middle of July. July 1st will also see the premier of Image Magazine. Stay tuned to the blog and our main site for details on that.

We have all this in the works (in addition to all the client projects we are doing) in order to do two things. First, is to engage ourselves creatively in ways we don't get to on client work. One thing we've discovered already is it's great to have final creative say, but by the same token, we are also our own worst client because we are so picky. The other reason is to learn about new mediums to help promote our clients. Everything we do is with the goal of later using it to extend our clients' brands. Nobody really wants to hear us talk on a podcast, but if we can get people to listen to us, we can certainly get them to listen to our clients (who are infinitely more interesting).

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