Thursday, January 25, 2007

Tarleton makes headlines with MLK party

Tarleton State University made headlines yesterday in the Stephenville Empire Tribune with a racially offensive Martin Luther King Day party. Students came dressed in gang apparal, and served 40 ounce bottles of malt liquor in brown paper bags. The "I love chicken" shirt was probably just icing on the cake. One even appeared as advertising icon Aunt Jemimah. (See, there is advertising involved, that's why I'm writing about it.)

Today, the story has been picked up by Fox News.

Way to go morons. Now the nation is looking at Stephenville and probably thinking "look at that racist hick town in Texas."

And please don't try to defend this in any way whatsoever. It may have been the funniest thing you'd ever thought of at the time. Well, you know what, it wasn't. You'll learn, once you move into the real world, that you have to excercise restraint. Now you are sitting in the national lime-light looking like a racist fool. Please don't trot out your black friends, as you did in the ET article, to defend you. Just stand up, be a man, and say "this was the stupidest thing we've ever done, and we're sorry." Whether you've created problems on the campus, or just exposed them, this was a bad, bad idea.

You just can't do things like that. It's ok for white people to make fun of our stereotypes, just as it's ok for black people to make fun of their stereotypes. (See Undercover Brother for a great example of this.) However, there is a line there that just shouldn't be crossed, and you jumped over it head first.

Can't we all just watch Undercover Brother and get along?

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Anonymous said...

Thank you!! This needed to be said. Having one black friend approve cannot cover for their lack of judgement