Tuesday, January 16, 2007

What's that smell?

That’s the smell of Old Spice m’ lady.

Picture this: You are in charge of marketing for a stodgy old deodorant company. Heck, they even have “Old” in the name. Never a good start when you are being overrun by hip new brands that market with sexy girls, and the promise to deliver those sexy girls by simply using their products. How do you combat that?

With true manliness and comedic gold. And who represents manliness better than the ultimate man ... Bruce Campbell? You can watch the spots below and see what I mean. They are smart, funny, and actually update the Old Spice brand without giving in to the “we know you wanna have sex, so we’re going to make it look like you can have more of it by wearing our products, while also making all women look like uncontrollable sluts, but you and I both know if you believe this, you won’t be having more sex, because you are stupid and relying on cologne to make you sexy) mentality. Such as say Tag or Axe. Old Spice doesn’t have quite the “edgy” name of the others, but they make it work.

Old Spice will even make hair grow on your chest. I saw it on TV (or YouTube) so it must be true. Right?

I flat out love these spots.

“They’ll buy you a stick of something that smells like wildflowers and shame.”

Via American Copywriter.

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