Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Water-proof phone?

If they make it, we need it. My wife received a 55 gallon fish tank from her wonderful husband for Christmas. The only problem is one of the doors on the top is broken in half. It sits there fine, but if you put anything on top of it, it can't support it and acts as a trap door into the murky depths of the tank.

Forgetting this, Becca set one of our phones on top of the panel. It looked like one of those things you only see on TV. The phone quickly activated the secret trap door and splashed into the luke-warm waters, surprising the gold fish as it sank. Luckily, her quick reflexes saved it from reaching the pressurized depths at the bottom of the tank.

We still have yet to determine if it will ever call again, but it was funny enough to be worth it.

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