Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Bad idea of the day

For anyone who has ever played on Xbox Live, you know it is filled with 14-year-old boys who's language would make a sailor blush. It's hugely annoying. Well, now their inane taunts can be premeditated thanks to the Trash Talk.

Basically, you prerecord your trash talk and then, at the magic push of a button, your probably less-than-intelligent speech is spewed across the internet to fellow players. This brings laziness down to new low thought previously unattainable. If there is any justice in the world, each of these devices will burst into flames permanently ruining the $50 controller it's attached to (and maybe even injuring, though not too severely, the player who saw fit to purchase it).

The best suggestion I've seen is for Microsoft to create an "Ignore All Tards" feature that automatically detects this device and doesn't allow you to hear anything they say.

Via Xbox 360 Fanboy.

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