Monday, February 05, 2007

SB highlights

Below are some of the spots I enjoyed from last night.

A pretty good spot for Doritos. I was impressed with the way they equated Dorito flavors with life.

And now a Doritos spot that is totally creepy and wrong, but has some good acting.

Emerald Nuts
There's just enough quirkiness to make this one work. Plus you can't beat watching Robert Goulet eat paper.

This spot has been out a while, but is sheer magic. It even works on people (like my mother-in-law) who had never heard to Grand Theft Auto.
They managed to be great this year ... and without using animals at all.

The love the way this spot is shot.

Another good one for E*Trade. "Save Holland."

Fed EX
"Well said, Mr. Turkeyneck."

Nationwide Insurance
I can't stand the music, but you have to admit this is funny. The best part, though, is the store manager. He was the perfect actor for that two-line role.

Bud LIght
This was one of my favorites. "And a chainsaw!"

One of the few good spots featuring animals.

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